Junior Choir (K-3) will rehearse once a week on Tuesdays from 3 – 4pm, starting September 27. The Senior Choir will have rehearsals every Thursday from 3 – 4 pm, starting September 29. The conductor, Ms. Catherine Crampoline, has been leading Trafalgar Choir for many years pre pandemic and we are lucky to have her back!

The cost is $12 per session and there will be 11 sessions in the Fall semester (September – December).

This extracurricular choral music program is led by the DPAC Music Working Group. For more information and registration go to https://vancouverdpac.org/music or contact Trafalgar coordinator, Katerina Tokmak, at katerinatokmak@gmail.com.

少年合唱团(K-3)将从9月27日开始,每周二下午3-4点排练一次。从9月29日开始,高级合唱团将于每周四下午3-4点进行排练。指挥家Ms Catherine Crampoline多年来一直领导我们学校的合唱团,我们很幸运,她又回来了!每学期费用为12加币,秋季学期(9-12月)将有11次课程。这个课外合唱音乐项目是由DPAC音乐工作小组领导的。欲了解更多信息和注册,请访问 https://vancouverdpac.org/music。组织/音乐或联系学校协调员 Katerina Tokmak,她的邮箱是katerinatokmak@gmail.com

Registration will be open on Thursday, September 15 at 8:00am