Volunteer Recruitment Week: May 28-June 1

Your division can win a FREE pizza lunch!
Many of the school’s most important and fun programs only happen thanks to the hard work of parent volunteers. Imagine a school without hot lunches, International Dinners, supplemental sporting equipment or additional library and learning resource supplies – to name just a few!
We need your help to keep these programs going. This past school year, most of our programs have been administered by just a handful of key volunteers – and most of these volunteers are no longer able to provide this support. If you haven’t volunteered recently or if you’ve never volunteered before, the PAC needs you now!
You can learn about and sign up for volunteer positions during Trafalgar’s volunteer recruitment week on May 28-June 1. There will be an information table outside the school (or inside if it rains) each morning and afternoon during the week with volunteer job descriptions. We will also be sending out more information during the week via class emails, the PAC website (https://trafalgarpac.ca) and Twitter (@Trafnews) during the week.
You can sign up for a volunteer position by visiting our information table or emailing info@trafalgarpac.ca. If you sign up for a position during volunteer recruitment week, your name will be entered into a draw. In addition, the class that has the most parents sign up for volunteer positions will win a FREE pizza lunch!
And a huge thank you to all parent volunteers who helped make the 2011-12 school year such a great one! The school wouldn’t be the same without your efforts.