The yearbook needs YOUR photos!

The Yearbook Committee is busy pulling together this year’s yearbook and we require a few things from parents: consent forms and photos.

Consent Forms

For parents who don’t recall completing a yearbook consent form, please complete this online form to ensure your child is included in the yearbook. For students with outstanding consent forms, the Yearbook Committee will be contacting you.  You only need to fill out one form for your child’s entire time at Trafalgar, so we won’t bother you with this next year. If you have any questions about the form, please contact us.


We try very hard to ensure that each student is represented in the book, and that’s impossible to achieve without your help. Please submit photos of your child and his/her friends doing school activities.  The sooner we get the photos, the easier it is for us to work them into the book.  If you’re able to set aside a few minutes this weekend to submit some photos, we’d really appreciate it.

 Please follow these guidelines:

  • Add in student names, grades and divisions (even though there’s no official space for divisions). If  you don’t know the student’s division, please put in the name of their teacher. If we don’t know the division/teacher, the photo won’t make it onto the division page!
  • If you have five amazing action shots of the same group of kids, please choose ONE to submit. Multiple photos of the same scene bog down our system!
  • Photos must be HIGH QUALITY; images that have been shared via text message or an app are not suitable for printing.
  • Submit photos of Trafalgar students doing school activities (please, no photos of birthday parties or at-home play dates!)

 Okay, now that you know WHAT to submit, here’s the HOW.  We have two different platforms this year – an app and the website.

  • Website:  Follow the prompts.
  • App (easiest for sure, because you can snap a photo and upload it right away): download the Herff Jones eShare app: iPhone – Android. Our school code is Trafalgar2020. Once you have it set up, it’s really easy to upload photos directly from your phone.

Thank you in advance for your help!  If you have any questions, please email

Buy your yearbook now 

If you’re new to Trafalgar, our yearbook is a must-have item. The Yearbook Committee works hard to capture the vast array of events that occur throughout the year. We also strive to ensure that each student appears multiple times in the yearbook. When the books come out in June, students love flipping through the pages to find themselves. Support the PAC by purchasing a yearbook and give your child the gift of lifetime memories!

To buy

Go to and enter our school number 17379 or search by school name: Trafalgar Elementary in Vancouver, CN. If you are planning to purchase books for multiple children, please submit an order for each child.

Any questions can be directed to:

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